Quarterly Awards Program

  • Students holding awardsSchool Awards

    Awards will be given at the end of each quarter:

    • Perfect Attendance – Each quarter students who have perfect attendance (no absences, no tardies or early check outs) will receive a certificate for a free meal at a local restaurant.
    • Positive Behaviors for K-5 – A student must receive Outstanding on all items listed in the Characteristics for Successful Learners section of the Standards Report Card from their classroom teacher(s). 
    • Positive Behaviors for 6-8 – A student must receive outstanding marks on all items listed in the conduct section of the report card from all core subject area teachers. 
    • Students holding awardsImprovement Award – To receive this award a student must show improvement in one or more of the following areas:  conduct, academic performance, and attendance.
    • Academic Honor Roll – This award will be for students who receive excellent grades in all academic areas (Grades 1-5: 3 and 4.  Grades 6-8: A and B).
    • Kind Kid – Any staff member can nominate a student for the Kind Kid Award for going above and beyond with an act of kindness.  This student will be recognized at an assembly and have their photo displayed on a bulletin board.
    • Tiger Cub Award – This award is completely customizable and can be used to recognize a student for any reason as deemed by the teacher.