Literacy Lab Program

  • Student focused on readingThe daily Literacy Lab Program is designed to provide students with differentiated reading instruction in a small guided reading group. Students will engage in reading fluency practice, comprehension strategies, and word study activities while building on skills they already possess. Students in grades K-3 needing reading intervention will also meet for additional reading instruction with a reading specialist.

    To measure and monitor students' literacy skills and progress, assessments will be given at specific times throughout the school year. Benchmarking is completed at all grade levels at the end of each quarter. Acadience testing is done in August, December, and May for grades K-3 only. These assessments along with teacher observations of daily progress within a guided reading group are analyzed to make sure each student is receiving the most effective instruction.

    If you ever have any questions about reading or writing instruction at DeGrazia, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Hessling and Mrs. Bieg for more information.