Remedial Reading Program

  • Students Reading

  • Reading Skills Taught
    The Remedial Reading teachers at Twin Peaks Elementary School provide support and reinforcement of reading skills and strategies taught in the general education classroom.  Students who receive additional support in Remedial Reading work on:

    • phonemic awareness
    • phonics
    • fluency
    • comprehension
    • vocabulary

    Instructional Format
    Students attend approximately four times a week for small group and individualized instruction. Teachers provide multiple opportunities to learn and apply skills and strategies through guided reading, leveled text, and other hands-on activities to address different learning styles.  Remedial reading is not in place of the core reading program and instruction provided in the general education classroom, but a supplemental program to help each student progress toward year end goals. 

    Dynamic Indicators of Beginning Early Literacy Skills
    All students in kindergarten through third grade are assessed three times a year using the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Beginning Early Literacy Skills) to check progress toward year-end benchmark goals in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

    Additional Support for Students
    Other support coordinated through Remedial Reading:

    • OASIS volunteers and tutors
    • Read Naturally, a software program that is designed to improve fluency and expression through oral reading practice.