Meet the Principal - Rex Scott

  • Rex Scott

    Welcome to Tortolita Middle School!

    I am deeply honored to serve as the principal of this outstanding school! As a father, my daughter and son received an engaging and enriching education when they were Cougars. Thus, I can personally attest to the fact that each one of our students will be treated with dignity and respect, will be both challenged and supported in their studies and will have every opportunity to participate in activities, clubs, the fine and performing arts and as members of our many sports teams.

    Middle school is a time in life when our children arrive at a crossroads. We must use these two precious years to introduce, practice and strengthen the skills, habits and behaviors necessary for personal growth and academic success with all our students. By the time each Cougar leaves our campus, they must see education as a critical change agent in their lives and the best possible tool for the attainment of their dreams and goals.

    Since becoming a Pima County educator in 1991, I have served as a middle school teacher, a middle school assistant principal, a high school assistant principal and a high school principal. My pledge to our community is to use all my experiences and the values I hold as a public school educator to serve our school with energy, dedication and pride. You also have my abiding commitment to lead with an open mind, a welcoming manner and a kind heart.

    Please contact me anytime in person, by phone or via e-mail. It is always a pleasure to meet with and hear from anyone with an interest in our school, especially students and their families. The main job of any principal must be to support learning and teaching on their campus. I welcome your ideas, concerns and questions as hearing them will help me to do my best on behalf of our school and the young men and women we are privileged to serve.




    Rex Scott


    Phone: 579-4600 - Email