Bell Schedule

  • The Front Office is open Monday thru Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

On Site Learning: Currently Hybrid

  • Effective 2/22, the only change to MCAT's instructional day is the bus departure time will now be at 2:45 instead of 1:30.  Students who ride the bus home after school will be assigned to the Learning Lab from 12:05-2:45 starting on 2/22.  


    In-person Hybrid Students will continue to attend with their current cohort, and dismissal remains the same at 12:05.  In-person Hybrid Students should still complete Flipped Learning on alternate days and Fridays.   

Flexible Learning: Currently Online

  • Flipped Learning Assignments post daily at 8:00 in the Google Classroom. 

    Please plan at least 1-2 additional hours daily to complete class work for flipped learning.


    Monday and Wednesday: Flipped Learning Periods 6 and 8


    Tuesday and Thursday: Flipped Learning Periods 5 and 7


    Fridays: All Classes offered Flipped Learning