Course Catalog

  • There are many ways to earn credit at MCAT High School.  Courses are offered in 9 or 10 week Quarter sessions instead of by Semesters.  This allows students to earn 2.5 credits (or more) each Quarter.  

    Within each Quarter, students can take courses in the following instructional models: 

    • Direct Instruction
    • Online Learning Programs
    • Independent Study

    Direct Instruction provides students with a highly qualified teacher who delivers instruction on a daily basis.  If students are motivated to earn credit more quickly they can also take courses through our many online options or enroll in an independent study.  These options require that students be organized and able to self pace through the content in a timely way. 


    The Course Catalogs located within this section show the courses offered at MCAT, by content area.  Our school counselor will help with developing your graduation plan and enrolling you in the courses you need to complete.  The Independent Studies Coordinator, or Counselor, can assist you with enrolling in additional courses if you would like to earn credits more quickly.