MCAT Student Ambassadors

  • MCAT Student AmbassadorsThe Student Leadership group at MCAT is known as the Student Ambassadors and they are responsible for suggesting improvements and taking on projects to make MCAT the best school it can be! This open invitation group meets regularly with the principal to talk about ways to enhance the learning experience for students. Past projects have included planning school events, such as Friendsgiving, School Spirit Days, or the Love your School Week. These students also regularly give input on ways to make MCAT more inclusive and supportive for everyone. Similar to Student Council, this group elects officers and looks for ways to represent their peers’ interests at school.

Shown above:

  • October 2016: Front Row (L-R) Marley Peace, John Barzeele, Teceannna Duran, Natalie Albitz, Courtney Richey; Back Row (L-R) Ryan Mendez, Eli Williams,MikeyO'Donnell, Tim Keeley, Andrew Lal