Dress Code Policy

  • At Marana High School all students are expected to dress appropriately. Please see guidelines below.

    School administration reserves the right to prohibit any clothing or accessories that pose a threat to the safety of other students or staff. This includes anything that by appearance causes a disruption to the learning environment.


    All shirts, blouses and dresses must have a minimum of 1 inch shoulder straps and fit under the arm. Razor back tank tops are not prohibited if the straps are an inch or more and the proper undergarments are worn. Proper clothing should not expose any part of the torso (front or back) at any time. This includes the midriff, chest, and cleavage.


    Any garments such as shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, overalls, shorts, etc. with buttons, zippers, snaps, etc. must be worn buttoned, zipped and/or snapped appropriately. All clothing must be free of excessive holes or tears. Sheer/see-thru garments of any kind are prohibited unless worn over appropriate clothing. Tight or revealing clothing, spaghetti straps, strapless, and halter tops are prohibited.


    Undergarments may not be visibly exposed at any time including bandeaus.


    Pants, shorts, dresses or skirts must be worn appropriately and may not present a safety issue or distraction to self and/or others. They must adequately cover the body at all times. Pants or shorts must not be “sagging.” The acceptable length of dresses, skirts, and shorts will be determined by the complete coverage of the buttock area.


    Belts must be tucked into pant loops, not hanging, and should not be excessively long. Chains worn on articles of clothing are prohibited.


    Footwear must be appropriate and worn at all times. Students may be restricted from activities for which their footwear is unsafe or inappropriate.


    Head coverings and do-rags are prohibited. It is the staff’s discretion whether or not hats, caps or beanies may be worn indoors.


    Any article of clothing which refers to alcohol, drugs, or contains inappropriate content. Slogans or wording which may be suggestive or construed to have a “double meaning” (one of which meaning is inappropriate) may not be worn. Anything worn portraying offensive, suggestive, derogatory, violent, sexual, cult or gang-related writing or pictures is prohibited. This includes all “do-rags” and all bandanas associated with gang activity.


    The type of dress, make-up, accessories, hairstyles or grooming displayed by the student should not disrupt the classroom or campus environment nor threaten the safety, health or comfort of the student, fellow students or any staff member.


    The administration reserves the right to interpret and enforce these guidelines in the school setting.


    Dress Code Violation will require student to change item or remain in ISS until a parent can pick up the student. A student in violation of dress code will be offered an item to borrow and change in to, they may pick-up their item the next day, upon return of borrowed item. Consequences for Dress Code Violation: first offense will result in a warning; each subsequent offense may result in increased consequence, from after school clean-up to out of school suspension.


    Repeated violations of the dress code policy may be deemed insubordinate conduct and dealt with as specified in the Marana Unified School District’s Comprehensive Student Discipline Policy.