On-site Support Services

  • Student in study hall environment with chromebook Marana Unified School District will provide free on-site learning opportunities and support services for students who need a place to go during the day as required by Executive Order 2020-41. The intention of the Governor’s Order is that the District serve the more vulnerable students, including those with special education services, English learners, and those in care of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, including Foster Care.


    Space for on-site support services is extremely limited due to the importance of optimizing the use of available staff and resources, and the critical health protocols that need to be safely maintained. If a school does reach its capacity, a student may need to be placed at another school site.


    Families who have the resources to adequately support their students' remote learning at home are asked, if possible, to refrain from requesting this capacity-driven service. These targeted On-site Support Services will be offered to the extent that physical distancing and mitigation strategies, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health officials, can be ensured.


    On-site Support Services is only available during school hours for the time period in which MUSD is providing remote/distance learning to all students in order to comply with the governor's Executive Orders 2020-41, 2020-44, and 2020-51, Arizona: Open for Learning. When MUSD is able to open its schools and provide in-person classroom learning five days a week, On-Site Support Services will no longer be available.


    On-site Support Services is:

     Young boy reading book

    • A place for students who need a quiet, safe environment to independently engage in their remote classes during the school day. It is similar to a supervised study hall.
    • Supervised by MUSD support staff. 
    • A place where students are expected to be self-directed and follow all MUSD rules, policies, and regulations.
    • Available by application only and approval by MUSD. Unscheduled drop-offs are not permitted.
    • Highly structured. Students must stay in their assigned area and must remain actively engaged in their remote lessons. 
    • Offered at no cost to MUSD students. 


    • Students in grades K-12 should bring their District-issued Chromebook. Wi-Fi is available.
    • Morning break, afternoon break, and lunch are scheduled each day.
    • Students will be in academic workspaces that may include unassigned classrooms, libraries, gyms, cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, shaded outdoor spaces, and other available areas.
    • Small group sizes are maintained to maximize physical distancing.
    • Cleaning and hygiene guidelines are strictly followed.
    • Face coverings are required.


    On-site Support Services Is Not...


    • It is NOT traditional teacher-led, in-person instruction by a certified teacher.
    • It is NOT the same as an engaging in-person classroom environment.
    • It is NOT a place for students to hang out and socialize.  


    • School bus transportation is not available. Transportation to and from school is provided by the family.
    • Exceptions for special education students with transportation needs, as outlined in the Individualized Education Plan.  
    • Teachers and counselors are not available to meet in-person.


    More Information


    Sites, Hours

    • Offered at every MUSD school 
    • Full-day, aligned with the school’s calendar and regular school hours
      • Depending on demand, students may be accepted for alternate days, weeks, or half-days. 
    • Not available during school breaks and holidays

    A Typical Day

    • Students report directly to their assigned school location for the day; limited movement to other areas of the school
    • Services and resources provided to meet critical needs
    • Self-directed, student-paced academic work and assignments aligned with Remote Learning/Distance Learning
    • Break with snack provided by family
    • Lunch/Break
    • Dismissal: Parent pick-upStop the spread of germs - wear a mask

    Open to All MUSD Students

    • An On-site support services Application must be completed and approved by MUSD. To request admittance, please contact your student’s school of enrollment. MUSD will notify family of approval.
    • Appropriate behavior is expected of all students. Just as in the traditional in-person setting, students may be subject to school discipline and removal from the program for violations of school rules and district policies and regulations.

    Health and Well-Being

    Review MUSD's Health Mitigation Plan including the MUSD Face Covering regulation GBGB-R, available via search in the MUSD Policy Manual.


    For additional questions regarding On-site Support Services, please contact your student's school of enrollment.