Future Falcon Night - 2021

  • Marana Middle School

    Thursday, February 11
    5:30pm - 7:00 pm
    For incoming Seventh Grade Families 

    Future Falcon Night Mission and Purpose:

    • MMS families will receive a friendly, supportive, and useful introduction to our campus, systems, and various Falcon Staff members.
    • The evening will help families feel more comfortable and excited about the transition to middle school.
    • Marana Middle School will provide an experience that fosters life-long academic and personal growth in a world-class education environment. Faculty and staff will collaborate with families, students and the community to develop strong, caring and productive leaders. 

    JOIN US ON ZOOM FOR Future Falcon Night:
    Families can attend Future Falcon Night via Zoom! Save this link and join us on Thursday, February 11th!

    Do you have questions that you would like us to answer during our Future Falcon Night Presentation? Please enter them by going to: https://tinyurl.com/FutureFalconNightQuestions

Welcome to Marana Middle School!

  • Marana Middle School, within the Marana Unified School District, is a 7-8 middle school offering the highest quality inspiring and enriching education in a safe, nurturing, and award-winning learning environment. Home of the Falcons, Marana Middle offers comprehensive academics, gifted and special education, computer science classes, and a full range of fine arts and athletic programs. We have two full-time school counselors, health services, librarian, music, arts, physical education, athletics, and much more. We also take great pride that our school was awarded the prestigious 21st Century Community Learning Center federal grant through the State of Arizona, providing funds toward before and after school enrichment clubs and intervention opportunities and programs for students and families.  

    Marana Middle’s appropriately and nationally certified educators are committed to teaching the concepts and skills students need to be successful in college, career, and life. Our school provides a diverse educational experience for the 21st century learner. At Marana Middle, the core focus is not simply to ensure that our students are taught, but to ensure that they learn. Students are challenged, relationships are built, and teaching is focused on individual student achievement.  

    The exceptional classroom setting provides students and teachers access to individual mobile devices which supports a student’s ability to easily and comfortably connect with their teacher, fellow students and content; thereby proving an unparalleled learning experience through higher levels of engagement and relevancy. Students and educators are provided the opportunity to work utilizing configurable modern furniture with comfortable seating designed to support collaborative learning.  

    Teachers and staff believe they are at Marana Middle to meet the needs of our young adolescent but also provide a smooth transition from elementary school through middle school to high school. Our teachers and students work together on teams within each grade level. The students and teachers have high expectations for concentrated academic learning time. Student work is frequently monitored through a well-planned and integrated curriculum. There are many opportunities for student responsibility. We believe that parental support is essential and look for ways to involve parents in their child’s educational process. We endeavor to successfully bridge the time period between elementary school and high school and provide a positive middle school experience.

Future Falcon Night Schedule

  • 5:30

    Welcome and Introduction Slideshow Presentation

    • Introduction to Team Members 
      • Lerona Dickson, Principal 
      • Christina Barr, Associate Principal 
      • Edward Walker, Associate Principal 
      • Sarah Whaley, Associate Principal 
      • Krista Galindo, Lead Counselor 
      • Meghan Molden, Counselor 
      • Misty Davis, Counselor 
      • Pat Southard, Principal's Admin Assistant 
      • Sue Miller, Associate Principals' Admin Assistant 
      • Carol Bennet, Counseling Secretary 
      • Robin Sprague, Registrar 
    • Structure of the Evening 
    • Student Support Systems 
    • Athletics 
    • Virtual Tour of Campus 
    • Common Concerns and Questions from Parents 


    Introduction of Elective Program
    • Each elective class will be introduced by Slideshow Presentation

    Individual Elective Meet and Greet Sessions

    • Hosted by each elective teacher in separate zoom rooms