Home of the Eagles

  • Eagle Pride BadgeEagle Points of Pride celebrate the individuality of our school's accomplishments, programs, activities and people. Shared regularly on social media, these highlights (affectionately known as POP's) highlight some of the unique aspects that make our school, and our Eagles, so special.

    At Estes Elementary, we embrace a strong culture supported by our family connections, compassionate staff, and a community that is deeply tied to our special Marana traditions. Our students are Safe, Loved, and Challenged in a caring learning environment where academic and social successes are nurtured and celebrated. We provide dynamic educational opportunities where students receive personalized instruction that ignites their curiosity to learn, be leaders in school and their community, and set goals for their future. Through adult-guided experiences and ongoing support, every student learns early on that they possess character skills that define great leaders at Estes and beyond!