Home of the Dust Devils

  • Dust Devil Pride BadgeDust Devil Points of Pride celebrate the individuality of our school's accomplishments, programs, activities and people. Shared regularly on social media, these highlights (affectionately known as POP's) highlight some of the unique aspects that make our school, and our Dust Devils, so special.

    At DeGrazia, our simple vision statement allows us to focus on the best possible things for our students: LOVE, LEARN, LEAD! We want all students to feel LOVE from our staff members and each other at all times, which helps create a safe and supportive culture. We want all students to LEARN at their fullest capacity, and we support them where they are at. Our staff is learning at all times so that our students can receive the best from them and the most updated instructional methods. We raise our students to be the best LEADers for our school and community, and we involve them in decisions and encourage them in leadership roles.