Home of the Rangers

  • Rattlesnake Ridge Pride BadgeRanger Points of Pride celebrate the individuality of our school's accomplishments, programs, activities and people. Shared regularly on social media, these highlights (affectionately known as POP's) highlight some of the unique aspects that make our school, and our Rangers, so special.

    Rattlesnake Ridge is an amazing, positive, and collaborative school community where students  reach their potential with the support of families, teachers, and staff members. Our dedicated staff are focused on continuous improvement and participate in professional development. Students feel safe taking educational risks as staff members model perseverance through challenges. Tailored learning plans allow students to receive personalized instruction and timely interventions when necessary. We are a neighborhood school, and we pride ourselves on the partnership we maintain with families and our community. Working together with our staff, Rattlesnake Ridge is committed to ensuring all students flourish!