Home of the Jaguars

  • Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8 Pride BadgeJaguar Points of Pride celebrate the individuality of our school's accomplishments, programs, activities and people. Shared regularly on social media, these highlights (affectionately known as POP's) highlight some of the unique aspects that make our school, and our Jaguars, so special.

    Dove Mountain K-8 takes pride in being the first CSTEM K-8 school in the state, providing a state-of-the-art learning environment in open classrooms, outdoor learning spaces, and visible collaborative makerspaces in the heart of the school. Students build strong relationships with teachers and staff members who encourage them to take on challenges and learn from them. Older students mentor and engage younger ones, setting positive examples of being a Jaguar. A complete range of athletics, fine arts, and clubs complement the classroom experience. Students are encouraged to practice their Jag SWAG every day: show pride, make wise choices, always be kind and give respect.