Home of the Quails

  • Quail Run Pride BadgeQuail Points of Pride celebrate the individuality of our school's accomplishments, programs, activities and people. Shared regularly on social media, these highlights (affectionately known as POP's) highlight some of the unique aspects that make our school, and our Quails, so special.

    Quail Run is steeped with rich tradition and history by creating a shared partnership with families, teachers, staff members, and the community, providing the best possible academic experience for all students. Our school believes in kindness to all and we pride ourselves on being a “Be Kind” school.  We provide a diverse educational experience and an engaging learning environment that empowers students to reach their personal and academic potential while nurturing their curiosity, individuality, and self-confidence. Students are proud, prepared, polite, and productive each day.  We encourage and provide a safe space for students to be learners today and leaders tomorrow.