Welcome to Twin Peaks K-8 School Athletics!

  • Flag football teamTwin Peaks K-8 School offers a variety of sports opportunities to our 6-8th grade students. By teaching our students values such as commitment, discipline, leadership, and teamwork; interscholastic sports play an integral part of our student's overall educational experience. These values form a foundation for academic success. Additionally, participation in athletic activities contributes to the physical, emotional, and social health of our students. 

    At Twin Peaks K-8, we are excited to offer 6-8th grade students an opportunity to play organized sports as a member of the Northwest League. The following sports are offered by grade level: 

    Sixth Grade Sports:

    • First Quarter:  Cross Country
    • Second Quarter:  Intramural Sports
    • Third Quarter:  Intramural Sports
    • Fourth Quarter:  Track 

    Seventh & Eighth Grade Sports:

    • First Quarter:  Cross Country, Flag Football, Boy’s Volleyball
    • Second Quarter:  Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Soccer
    • Third Quarter:  Girl’s Basketball, Boy’s Soccer
    • Fourth Quarter:  Track and Girl’s Volleyball 

    Seasonal Calendar

    Season I (August – Fall Break)

    • Boys Volleyball
    • Cross Country
    • Co-Ed Flag Football 

    Season II (Fall Break – Winter Break)

    • Boys Basketball
    • Girls Soccer 

    Season III (Winter Break – Spring Break)

    • Girls Basketball
    • Boys Soccer 

    Season IV (Spring Break – Last Day of School)

    • Girls Volleyball
    • Track 

    Students playing basketballAthletics Fees:

    The fee for middle level sports in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades is $65.00. The fee for intramural sports is $40.00. No student will exceed a cost of $195 in sports fees, and no family shall incur a cost in excess of $365.00 for athletic fees per school, per year.

    Registration (forms and informational links are available on the right side of this webpage):

    1. Register through Register My Athlete.
    2. View the Athletics Informed Consent Video.
    3. Take your child to a doctor for a physical using the Athletic Physical Evaluation Form.
    4. Submit health insurance information.

    Further Information