Band & Orchestra

  • Orchestra during a performace DeGrazia Elementary School provides students with an enriching and fun experience in band and orchestra.  Band and orchestra opportunities begin in fifth grade at DeGrazia Elementary School. There is an informational meeting for parents and students early in the school year describing the program. Students must acquire their own instruments and purchase lesson books that the organization uses for instruction. Band and orchestra are taught separately in a large group (not individual) format. The classes meet for three half hour periods per week.  Students in sixth grade that are beginners do need to progress at a more rapid pace since the majority of students in their group began in fifth grade. Students in band or orchestra  need to practice regularly to make the progress necessary to match the pace of the instruction and develop a proficiency needed to enjoy the experience. The band/orchestra information meeting at the start of the school year will provide you with the specific requirements.

    Band concerts are given twice a year for the public, with one program usually given in December and the other in May. Check our school calendar for the concert schedule.

    Band instruments include the flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, cornet, French horn, trombone, baritone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion.Percussion instruments will be introduced in fifth grade to all qualifying band students at the appropriate time, in conjunction with their regular band instruments. 5th grade students must maintain good grades (a 90% or higher grade average) to get the opportunity to try the drums, while still playing their basic wind instrument. 6th grade students are eligible for full time percussion if they have successfully met all the requirements in 5th grade. Speak to the director as soon as possible if you wish to consider this possibility.

    Orchestra instruments include the violin, viola, cello, and bass.

    Rationale for Music Programs
    The value of music education rests on the importance of music itself. The instruction provided in our music programs centers upon the premise of music education as aesthetic education. The riches of music lie in its aesthetic content. As left and right brain research continues to prove, there is an increased need for the systematic development of both spheres of the brain. It becomes important to maintain areas of the school's curriculum that foster the intuitive and creative dimensions of the mind. Music instruction at DeGrazia is aimed at bringing forth awareness of this aesthetic content. Aesthetic education in the musical arts consists of the development of the perception of musical elements and a heightened meaningful reaction to them. The ability to intelligently encounter the depths of meaning found in music is one of the most valuable life skills that a person can acquire. See the Why Music Articles website  for more information. Note: A special thanks to the Music Educators of Berks Co. for the link to their "Why Music" articles.

    Facilities and Equipment
    Orchestra is taught in a spacious music room located off the school cafeteria.  The band classes rehearse on the school stage. The main music room has a piano, stereo system, and small percussion instruments.