Parent Pickup Procedures

  • Although we encourage your child to use our bus transportation, there are options to pick up your child at school.  When picking up after school, please read the information below.  For your convenience, as well as your child’s safety, we have a specific plan in place.


    Cafeteria Pick-up

    • Please park in the parking lot and walk to the cafeteria.
    • Show your Parent Pass to the supervision staff and sign your child out.
    • Your child will not be allowed to walk to an off-site location or meet you for pick up.  If you were to have an emergency causing you to be late, this would create a safety and supervision concern for your child.


    Parent Loop

    • You will receive a required Green Hanging Sign that identifies your child.
    • Write your child’s LAST name in large Block letters with a marker. Write their grade(s) below. The Green Hanging Sign must be in a visible spot such as your mirror, visor or dashboard.


    Details for the Parent Loop:

    • Students will be waiting near the gate, supervised by school staff members with radios.
    • Parents will drive into the beginning of the loop, where another staff member will read your Green Hanging Sign. They will radio for your children to come through the gate.  


    In order for this to run smoothly, we will need your help with the following:

    • Arrive at 2:00 p.m. on Monday-Thursday
    • Arrive at 12:45 p.m. on Fridays
    • Remain in your car at all times and drive to the end of the sidewalk where a staff member will be waiting to help board your child.


    Thank you for helping us keep your children safe during dismissal.

    Updated 7/27/18


    Estes Elementary Safety First! Parking Lot Use


    Key things to remember: 

    • Drive SLOWLY
    • Speed Limit is 5 mph
    • WATCH for people walking
    • Follow the painted AAROWS
    • Do not park by the curbs
    • Handicap spots are for properly marked vehicles
    • Park and walk to the gate for drop off
    • Park and walk into the café for pick up


    We appreciate your cooperation when using the Estes parking lot.