Student Dismissal Procedures

  • There are five ways your child can be dismissed from school: 

    1. Through the front gate
    2. 2At the LOOP (oval-shaped pick-up/drop off lane to the east of the campus)
    3. In the cafeteria (for Kindergarteners and students going to LEAP)
    4. To the bus lane
    5. On a daycare van (bike rack is located here as well for bike riders) 

    Important Dismissal Reminders

    If your child’s normal routine for getting home changes, you MUST send a note or email to Chrissy Roepke our attendance clerk.  It is helpful if you send one to the teacher as well.  This must be done prior to 1:30pm, Monday through Thursday and by 11:00am on Fridays. 

    Last minute changes to your child’s dismissal schedule creates an unsafe situation.  We expect you to discuss dismissal plans with your children on a daily basis. 

    If a student wants to ride home with a friend on a bus (or bus stop) that is not their own, a note from both families is required before a bus pass will be issued.  Bus passes are issued in the front office. 

    Students being picked up at The Loop MUST enter the car curbside.  Crossing in front of or behind vehicles is extremely dangerous! 

    Parking in the fire lane is prohibited at all times.  If using the front parking lot, you must first park, and then meet your child at the front gate.  Cars stopping in the fire lane will be asked to move and may receive a ticket from our School Resource Officer or other law enforcement. 

    Notify the office immediately if you feel someone unauthorized by you may attempt to pick up your child.