Meet the Associate Principal - David Dooley

  • David Dooley

    I am excited to be part of the DeGrazia family. I am fortunate enough to work with such wonderful students, parents, and staff here at DeGrazia. I am dedicated to doing everything I can to contribute to providing DeGrazia students a safe and positive schooling experience. 

    I am married and my wife and I have two beautiful children. I love spending time with my family. We enjoy going fishing at Roosevelt Lake, playing in our backyard, going camping, going bowling, or just hanging out together. My wife and I love taking our kids to Disneyland when we are able to. I know DeGrazia students and parents are the best. 

    If I can do anything to support you and your children in any way please let me know. 

    David Dooley
    Associate Principal
    DeGrazia Elementary School

    Contact Mr. Dooley
    Phone: (520) 579-4800 - email
    DeGrazia FAX: (520) 579-4840