2023-24 Classroom Supply Lists

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    Some teams will have specific items that they request their students bring. The list below ensures most students are ready for every class as a Falcon.  If students are not able to have all items listed, we will ensure they are still ready and prepared for learning.

    1. Loose-leaf lined paper (college or wide ruled)
    2. Pencils for all classes 
    3. Colored pencils
    4. Pens – (red, blue, green, black) 
    5. Highlighters
    6. Composition notebooks (no spiral). Most teams would like students to have one notebook for each content so students should have 4 notebooks.
    7. One 5 subject notebook.  This is often used in Social Studies. 
    8. Three 3-ring binders (1” or 1.5”preferred)
    9. Graph paper  
    10. Post It Notes
    11. 4x6 Note Cards
    12. Dry erase markers to use with white boards
    13. Tabs for notebooks in Math
    14. Glue stix
    15. Headphones that can plug into a chromebook
    16. External mouse (optional)
    17. Book for individual reading