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Film & TV Production

Film & TV Production
Film and TV Production

Program Description:

A two-year film and TV program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of the entertainment industry, including filmmaking, television production, screenwriting, and post-production techniques. Students engage in hands-on learning experiences, gaining practical skills using industry-standard equipment and software under the guidance of experienced professionals. These programs often provide opportunities for networking, internships, and portfolio development, preparing graduates for entry-level positions in film, television, or related media industries.

Work Based Learning

  • Use of onsite studio for filming and production

Program Highlights

  • Students have the opportunity to working with industry partners 
  • Advanced class produces video announces for school


  • Production of announcements and music videos with use of green screen

Clubs/Activities Associated

  • SkillsUSA


  • Adobe Associate Premier 

Program Standards

Job Possibilities:

Tier 1

Average base salary
updated 12/14/2023


per year

Tier 2

Average base salary
updated 12/14/2023


per year

Tier 3

Average base salary
updated 12/14/2023


per year