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MVHS Class of 2024 Quick Facts

MVHS Class of 2024 Quick Facts
four graduating seniors

MUSD is proud to celebrate the Class of 2024!  We celebrate our graduating seniors’ academic accomplishments, commitment to learning, and ability to work hard to accomplish their goals. Learn more about the Class of 2024 from Mountain View High School!

MVHS Class of 2024
Total grads: 433
Total estimated value of scholarships awarded:$8,370,468.00
Total grads college/university bound: 228 (4-year); 121 (2-year or trade school)
Total enlisting in the military: 10 currently signed 

Class Officers:
President: Sofia Vasquez
Vice President: Gemma Bustamante
Secretary: Ella Munoz
Treasurer: Karina Santiago

Top 10:
Nora Alexander, Valedictorian
Nathan Poulton, Salutatorian
Taylor Kaul
Cynthia Nguyen
Ainsley Mortenson
Megan Newton
Emma Larchar
Tiffany Nguyen
Andres Samaniego
Phoenix Blackman

MUSD was proud to celebrate the MVHS Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony on May 21 at 8 PM! Watch a replay of the livestream on Youtube.

*** Portions of this event may be muted to ensure that musical performances do not create a copyright issue that could potentially delay or block the live stream. Please wait for the audio to return during these periods of silence.