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New iChoose Academy

iChoose Building (Entrance)

Beginning in fall 2025, 9th-12th grade students in the Marana Unified School District will have the opportunity to participate in a new personalized learning program at iChoose Academy for Advanced Professional Skills. 

Marana Schools’ iChoose Academy is an innovative program that allows students to dive deeper into required subjects while developing professional skills that will prepare them for future careers and further education. Designated learning spaces will also expand the footprint of Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes.

At iChoose, students have access to relevant and innovative academic programs that prioritize the development of critical thinking and future-focused skills through project-based learning, DAN STREETER, SUPERINTENDENT

The iChoose Academy will be housed in a renovated building that formerly served the community as an urgent care and medical office in Continental Ranch. The program will accommodate up to 400 students who remain dually enrolled at Marana High or Mountain View High Schools, which will help alleviate some of the capacity issues at those sites. iChoose Academy students will take electives, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities at their home high school and the students will determine the specific topics, concepts, and skills from the core subjects they wish to explore further at the academy. 

“Students will develop skills and participate in project-based activities that allow them to tailor their education to their needs and interests,” said Dr. Streeter. “For example - if a student is enthusiastic about genetic sequencing - they can dive into this subject over longer periods. They may also engage in a related hands-on project that otherwise could not be covered in a single lesson or two.”

The program is not a stand-alone high school and the classes are in-person – not online. Transportation will be provided for students from other MUSD high schools.

Personalized Learning in a Flexible Space

By addressing students’ distinct learning needs, interests, and aspirations, iChoose Academy encourages optimal learning in areas students are passionate about. The campus will have flexible and adaptable spaces that support small or large group activities and personalized learning. 

Teachers at iChoose Academy will mentor students and facilitate collaborative, real-life learning activities in core content areas. Students will be able to explore topics including entrepreneurship, engineering, leadership, sustainability, globalization, and more.  Critical professional life skills including communication, collaboration, goal-setting, planning, decision-making, and higher-order thinking through critical thinking and problem-solving will also be incorporated.

First State-Funded Renovation Project in Arizona

With the District high schools reaching maximum student capacity, the District purchased the 34,700-square-foot building and surrounding land for $4.2 million in 2020. In 2021, the Arizona Department of Administration School Facilities Division approved $12.2 million in new school facilities money to renovate the building and move forward with the plan. This marked the first time the State approved using new school facilities funding to renovate an existing building. No bond funds were used to invest in the program.

“Renovation of the existing building is not a simple refresh. It’s an opportunity to reinvent the space so that it can inspire and better serve students with modern and future-focused teaching methods,” said Dr. Streeter. “This will be a huge lesson for the State as many vacant buildings exist throughout Arizona. Our approach could serve as a model for the future.”

To Learn More
More information about this program will be provided to students and families in the 24-25 school year.

iChoose Academy is currently in the design phase and the work is being facilitated by DLR Group. 

MUSD staff, educators, and administrators brainstorm how and where students will spend their time at iChoose.

MUSD staff, educators, and administrators brainstorm how and where students will spend their time at iChoose.

Teachers, parents, staff and community members provided input on the program.

Teachers, parents, staff and community members provided input on the program.