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Care of a Chromebook

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Care of a Chromebook

Students are responsible for the day-to-day care of their Chromebook. Below is a list of simple reminders on how to care for the device with the understanding other issues may arise.   When Chromebooks become inoperable, either in part or in whole, such instances must be reported to a school official so that they can be taken care of correctly and in an appropriate time frame. 

  • Liquids, food, and other debris can damage the device. You should take caution when consuming food or liquids while using your Chromebook.
  • The screen of the Chromebook is very susceptible to damage.  Avoid excessive pressure or weight being applied to the device, as well as closing the device with an object on the keyboard, such as a pen/pencil, earbuds, etc.
  • Never attempt, either personally or with a third-party, to perform repairs or make hardware modifications to the Chromebook. Do not try to open or tamper with the internal components of your mobile device. Taking apart or attempting to repair or modify a Chromebook will be considered vandalism.
  • Students are prohibited from making any software changes to the Chromebook, including but not limited to, changing the operating system or installing unapproved software, applications, or extensions. 
  • Use of an unapproved cleaner may damage the device’s screen. Clean the Chromebook with a dry, lint-free cloth. Never use glass cleaner, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives.
  • Never expose your Chromebook to long-term temperature extremes or direct sunlight. Do not store your Chromebook in an automobile.
  • Do not leave your Chromebook unattended in unsupervised areas.
  • Each Chromebook has a barcode and serial number that identifies the device with the student. Students must not modify or destroy these methods of identification, as their removal may be considered vandalism.
  • Refrain from placing stickers or using permanent markers on the cover of the Chromebook without permission from a school official. 
  • Take care when inserting and removing cords. 

Damage and Repair Cost 

  • If a student’s assigned mobile device or accessory is lost, stolen, or damaged, it must be reported to the school staff immediately.  At that time, Marana Unified School District personnel will evaluate and repair or replace the device. Marana Unified School District strictly prohibits parent(s)/guardian(s) and students from employing a third-party to perform repairs.
  • If the Chromebook is deliberately or repeatedly damaged, the District may assess the parent(s)/guardian(s) a charge to cover the replacement or repair.  School administration will investigate all reports of intentional or repetitive damage.
  • Parents may choose to purchase the User Insurance Plan, which will cover accidental damage to the device.
  • For a current list of updated fees or fines, please contact your child’s school.
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