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Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a web-based tool for our students and staff.  GAFE is available from any computer connected to the Internet.  This education version of Google Apps provides a self-contained environment for students and staff to create and store their work, collaborate and share information, and publish resources publicly.  The education version is ad-free, and the data is only used to provide GAFE services. 

  • The features and options available to students are dependent on grade level and requirements of classes.  Student accounts may include but are not limited to Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Classroom, Gmail, Sites, Calendar, Maps, My Maps, and Earth.  

Student Email Accounts

Students will receive a district-managed email account. It is critical that students keep their password private, as they will be held responsible for all communications sent, received, or stored in their email. 

  • By default, students cannot communicate with anyone outside of Marana Unified School District, and no one outside of Marana Unified School District can communicate with students via their email account.
  • The primary purpose of this communication tool is for students to communicate with teachers and district staff.  At the high school level, students are permitted to communicate with their peers at the school where they attend. 
  • All email sent to and from a student account is subject to inspection. Marana Unified School District archives all email per applicable laws, and those archived emails are viewable by district staff.
  • Marana Unified School District scans all student email for objectionable content. Objectionable messages found may be forwarded to school administration and subject to disciplinary action. 

Cloud-based storage

Due to the cloud-based world that these student Chromebooks utilize, data should reside online for easy retrieval from multiple devices. As such, the Marana Unified School District is not responsible for any loss (or restoration of) data that is stored locally on the device, including documents, multimedia files, student records, or classroom assignments. The District accepts no liability for the loss of such data and its potential impact on a student’s individually graded assignments, or overall classroom scores. 

  • If a student decides to store data locally on their machine, students are responsible for backing up their data.
  • Data stored within an MUSD Google account will be inaccessible over Summer Break.  Be sure to proactively download any data or content that you will need access to over the summer months.  Seniors will have their accounts suspended after graduation, as will any student that withdraws from the District.
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