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Meal/Loan Policy

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Meal/Loan Policy

The following information provides a recap of MUSD’s protocol for managing student meal accounts with a low or negative balance. 

Grades Pre-K through 8:

  • Parents/guardians will be notified by email through the District’s in-house email notification system, when their students’ meal account has a low balance ($10) and/or a negative balance.
  • The School Cafeteria Staff or Designee will also personally call the parent(s) or guardian(s) and/or send letters when the student’s meal account is negative or becomes delinquent.
  • Accounts that are delinquent by $20.00 or more and/or the parent(s) or guardian(s) have not responded to the district’s phone calls and/or letters will be contacted directly by School Principal or Designee via phone call.
  • If an account is negative at the end of the school year the negative amount will be rolled over to the next school year.

Grades 9 through 12: 
No Meal Loans available.  If prior year negative balances remain, then cash must be utilized to purchase a meal.

Make Payments and/or Apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals: 

  • Meal Payments can be made through LINQ Connect Online Meal Payments website.
  • Families are encouraged to complete applications for free and reduced price meals. Learn more about free and reduced meals or access the free and reduced price meal application. 

Meals Benefit Team
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