Picture Rocks Elementary School receives a "B" Letter Grade

  • PRE Pride BadgeAfter two years of no letter grades from the Arizona Department of Education, the official letter grade scores for Marana Unified School District have been released.

    Picture Rocks Elementary School received a "B" Letter Grade. A complete report of Marana Schools’ grades are posted on the District website.

    “We are very excited about the amount of academic improvement our students have made, especially during the pandemic.  Together our staff, students and our families we are able to work collaboratively for continued success for our students.  We are truly Proud to be PRE!!!” said Mary O-Hara Perkins, principal.

    About ADE Letter Grades
    On October 31, ADE released A-F School letter grades based on data from the 2021-22 school year. The Letter Grade system measures student proficiency and annual growth in key areas including English Language Arts, Math, Science, and literacy as well as readiness to transition to the next step in their education or career. Other factors such as performance on standardized tests, attendance, special education inclusion, college and career readiness reports, and high school graduation rates are included in the score.    

    Picture Rocks Elementary Profile
    All MUSD schools created custom profiles that provide families and the public with a snapshot of their school and include information on clubs, special classes, demographics, standardized testing grades, and more. Profiles are separate from ADE letter grades, however, they provide additional insight into each school’s culture, programs, and people.

    View Picture Rocks Elementary School’s Profile.