Before/After School Program (LEAP)

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  • Enriching, safe, quality, affordable before & after school program, where kids are excited to be kids! 

  • The Learning, Enrichment, And Play (LEAP) program offers secure, supervised learning and play experiences that enhance the time a child spends away from home and school. The LEAP program also offers a Teen Extended Day (TED) program providing secure, supervised academic enrichment.  

    All LEAP sites are licensed facilities located at each elementary school within the Marana Unified School District for students enrolled in pre-K through sixth grade. K-8 schools within the Marana Unified School District offer both a LEAP site (preK-5th grades) and a TED program (6-8th grades).  


    • Safe and licensed facilities LEAP through the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)
    • Affordable
    • Highly trained staff
    • Authorized LEAP DES provider
    • Participant in the AZ Empower Program; a nutrition and healthy lifestyle campaign sponsored by ADHS


    Engaging- Stimulating-Challenging

    LEAP and TED offers academic support, art, physical education, and hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities geared to academically challenge and engage students in a creative and fun way. The variety of activities offered are designed to promote social growth and development through homework help, literacy, math and science activities, healthy habits, and physical fitness.


    The Program is committed to the following goals:


    • helping students become responsible and accountable for their actions,
    • helping students learn respect for themselves and others,
    • provide opportunities for students to feel successful and confident,
    • academic support.


    Locations & Hours

    These safe, quality, and affordable programs are offered at the locations, days and times listed below during the school year and during school and summer breaks at select locations advertised each year.

    LEAP at Elementary Schools: 


    LEAP is offered for grades preK-6, Monday – Friday during the school year from 6:00am to the start of school day, then from school end until 6:00pm at the following locations:  

    • Butterfield Elementary School
    • Coyote Trail Elementary School
    • DeGrazia Elementary School
    • Estes Elementary School
    • Gladden Farms Elementary School
    • Ironwood Elementary School
    • Picture Rocks Elementary School
    • Quail Run Elementary School
    • Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary School
    • Roadrunner Elementary School


    LEAP and TED at K-8 Schools: 


    LEAP is offered for preK-5th grade, Monday – Friday during the school year from 6:00am to the start of school day, then from school end until 6:00pm.


    TED is offered for 6-8th grade, Monday – Friday during the school year from 6:00am to the start of school day and after school until 6:00pm – contact school for additional information.  


    • Twin Peaks K-8 School
    • Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8 School
    * Some sites may be closed during school breaks and/or summer. 
    **Several sites have waiting lists due to site capacities.  Please contact your LEAP site (where your child attends school) prior to registering to check on space availability.**