Health Services

  • Nurse applying band aid to finger of child

  • When to Keep Your Student Home from School  

     Please read the District's Guidelines for Student Illness

    Health Services for all Students

    Health Services recognizes the care and love that parents give to their children.  We appreciate all that you do as parents and thank you for allowing us to care for your child while in school.


    Marana Unified School District offers additional support services to promote a safe and accessible learning environment for all students.


    Many children have medical or chronic health conditions. Total enrollment in MUSD is approximately 13,000 students.  Over 50% of enrolled students have a medical or chronic health condition. Health Services provide daily medical care and/or monitoring for students with health conditions.  Medical and health conditions may include:

    • Asthma                                          
    • Cardiac
    • Diabetes                                                   
    • Allergies with anaphylaxis
    • Seizures
    • Fractures

    Health Assistants provide 

    • Emergency care for students who become sick or injured while attending school


    Nurses and Facilitators are available for        

    • Consultation
    • Medical guidance


    Nurses, Facilitators, and Health Assistants work together to         

    • Provide Individual Health Plans and staff training for specific health conditions
    • Request medical providers and parents to complete emergency plans and to provide additional information if needed Medical plans are kept in teacher sub books, health office, and transportation, allowing persons who need to know what to do for the student’s safety. 

    Provided Services

    • Vision and hearing screenings are performed for
      • Specified grades
      • Students new to the district
      • Special education students
      • Per parents or staff member concerns
      • Assistance for vision exams and glasses is offered to uninsured students with vision referrals. 
    • Students returning to school after treatment of an injury or hospitalization
      • R.N. will assess the student’s safety with crutches, wheelchair, cast, braces, or other medical equipment. 
      • Students may be sent home if they return to school without a doctor’s release or are found to be unsafe while at school. 
      • Assistance may be provided for parents having difficulty getting a doctor release
    • Medications are administered to students at school if parents bring the medication in the labeled original container and complete a permission form.    
    • Health Services reviews and documents student immunization records
      • Resources for immunization clinics are provided to parents

    Health Services continues to provide a safe and healthy environment for children while offering assistance, resources, and options for parents.