Welcome to Picture Rocks Elementary

  • Picture Rocks Elementary is a preK-6 school offering the highest quality inspiring and enriching education in a safe, nurturing, and award-winning learning environment.

    Home of the Hawks, PRE offers full-day FREE kindergarten, before and after school care, gifted and special education, full-time Master level school counselor, health services, music, arts, physical education, and more.

    Picture Rocks’ highly qualified, nationally-certified educators are committed to teaching the concepts and skills students need to be successful in college, career, and life. Our school provides an engaging educational experience by incorporating student Chromebooks and collaborative, configurable furniture into comprehensive, relevant, and rigorous instruction. In all Marana schools, the core focus is not simply to ensure that students are taught, but to ensure that they learn. Students are challenged, relationships are built, and teaching is focused on individual student achievement.

    As a Marzano High Reliability School that has achieved Level 1 certification, creating a Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative culture, we are committed to transforming our school into an organization that takes proactive steps to ensure student success. Level 1 certification is the foundation for every level that follows. Without such a culture, student achievement will be compromised.