About Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary

  • Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary School
    Grades K-6
    8500 N. Continental Reserve Loop
    Tucson, AZ 85743

    Phone: (520) 352-7000
    Fax: (520) 744-3274
    Office Hours

    • 7:00am -3:00pm (Monday - Friday)

    School Hours:

    • Monday – Thursday from 7:45am to 2:00pm
    • Friday from 7:45am to 12:45pm

    Vision Statement

    Rangers engage in Innovative, Dynamic, and Goal-oriented Education

    Mission Statement

    Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary, in union with parents and community will cultivate academic excellence and life-long skills to empower students to achieve educational and personal success.

    School Motto

    “Rangers Lead the Way … Ooo ~ Rah.”


    Rocky Rattlesnake

    School Colors

    Red & Gold

Boundaries Maps

  • Rattlesnake Ridge Boundaries Map #1

  • Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary Boundaries Map

  • Rattlesnake Ridge Boundaries Map #3

  • RRE boundary 2

  • Successive Schools:

    Marana Middle School

    11279 W. Grier Rd.
    (520) 682-4730

    Marana High School
    12000 W. Emigh Rd.
    (520) 616-6400



    All descriptions begin in northeast corner and move counter-clockwise.

    Northern Boundary:
    North of Parcel 11 Continental Ranch Subdivision to Coachline Boulevard.
    Along Coachline Boulevard north of Continental Ranch Parcel 16 Subdivision; North of Continental Ranch Parcel 18 Subdivision.
    North of Parcel 17 Continental Ranch Subdivision to Silverbell Road.
    Along Silverbell Road to north of Twin Peaks Highland Subdivision.
    North of Twin Peaks Highland Subdivision from Silverbell Road to Scenic Drive.
    8800n Gridline from Scenic Drive to Quarry Road

    Western Boundary:
    1020W gridline from 8800N gridline to Saguaro National Park.

    Southern Boundary:
    Saguaro National Park from 1020W gridline to 7800W gridline
    From 7800W gridline south of Continental Reserve Block 15 Subdivision

    Eastern Boundary:
    East of Continental Reserve Block 15 Subdivision; east of Stone Ridge Subdivision; east of Continental Reserve Block 9 Subdivision to Silverbell Road.
    East of Parcel 11 Continental Ranch Subdivision


    Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary School, Boundary 2


    Northern Boundary:        
    W Lambert Ln from Saguaro Peaks Bl to N Airline Rd.


    Western Boundary:
    Intersection of W Lambert Ln and N Airline Rd south to N Quarry Rd.  N Quarry Rd to W Twin Peaks Rd. 


    Southern Boundary:        
    W Twin Peaks Rd from N Quarry Rd to east of Saguaro Bloom Block 4 Subdivision.


    Eastern Boundary:           
    East of Saguaro Bloom Block 4 Subdivision to N Saguaro Highlands Dr. 
    N Saguaro Highlands Dr to N Saguaro Peaks Bl. 
    N Saguaro Peaks Bl to W Lambert Ln.