Internet Website & Social Media Channels Release Form

  • There are occasions when the Marana Unified School District and District Schools (the “District”) desire to post on its Internet Website and Social Media Channels information concerning a student and/or that student’s school work, activities, or academic or athletic achievements.  A Internet Website & Social Media Channels Release form may be submitted to parent/guardians for signature and date. The purpose of this Internet Website & Social Media Channels Release Form is to request your permission, in advance, to allow information about your son/daughter and/or your son’s/daughter’s school work and/or school activities and events, academic or athletic achievements to be posted on the District’s Internet Website and Social Media Channels.  Such posting may include some or all of the following: 

    • a photograph of your son/daughter,
    • his/her first and last name,
    • age, grade level, teacher, coach’s or sponsor’s name,
    • the name of the school your child attends,
    • and information about your son/daughter’s school work, activities or achievements. 

    Student grades, home addresses, and personal telephone numbers will not be posted.


    Note:  This Internet Website & Social Media Channels Release Form does not cover, and is not required for, “crowd” or “background” photographs where any students that appear in such photographs are not otherwise identified. It also does not cover an event or activity open to the public such as sporting events, fine arts performances, graduation ceremonies, and similar events and activities.