Optimal Environment

  • Students are clustered by grade levels. Grades are grouped by wings on either the first or second floor (younger grades, first floor; upper grades, second floor). 


    Each classroom consists of three permanent walls, providing state-of-the art technology, resources such as projection and writable walls. The classroom’s fourth wall is an operable, foldable and lockable partition made of high quality tempered safety glass. The flexible walls in each classroom provides teachers the option to use the space as they see fit, at times releasing responsibility to students to use that space while at other times closing the classroom as they engage in direct instruction or other more focuses activities.


    High performance celling and floors consist of noise reduction and sound controlling materials to greatly reduce noise and minimize distraction.


    The facility is designed and built with the safest, most engaging learning spaces where each wing has double sets of doors and secured automated lock-down points of entry as well as safe evacuation routes. The property is enclosed and secured by locked chain-link and wrought iron fencing.


    Key elements that make this new school designed with safety in mind are site layout, campus fencing, minimal points of entry, reception area security doors, automatic lock-down doors, and an internal student flow.


    Centralizing classroom space and related student services in one facility enhances energy efficiency by reducing costs associated with heating/cooling and other utility related expenses.


    The exterior of the campus hosts multiple student learning areas, several play and athletic areas and shade structures. The site layout incorporates separate traffic areas for parking, parent drop-off and bus delivery areas. These separate traffic areas accommodate safe pedestrian flow to and from the school building or to student outdoor spaces.