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Excelling Performance by DeGrazia Chess Teams leads to big win!

IMAGE: DeGrazia ElemeIMAGE: DeGrazia Elementary School’s Chess Team display trophies.ntary School’s Chess Team display trophies.DeGrazia Elementary School’s Chess Teams demonstrated excelling performances at the Southern Arizona Chess Association League Match #3 held on December 15, 2018 at Ironwood Elementary School.

By using skillful chess tactics, the primary team of Christian Yepiz, Jack Thrush, Maximo Cruz and Nicolas Thrush won 12 out of 16 games to earn the first place trophy in their K-3 grade division.

The elementary team of Steven Somogyi and Peter Corrado went undefeated in eight rounds of chess to earn the 1st place team trophy in the K-12 grade unrated division.

Christian Yepiz, Maximo Cruz, Peter Corrado, and Steven Somogyi went undefeated in 4 rounds of chess to earn individual trophies. Jack Thrush won 3 out of 4 games to earn an individual medallion.