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DeGrazia’s Chess Teams' Superior Performance

Congratulations to the DeGrazia Chess Team for their superior and excelling performance at the Southern Arizona Chess Association League Match #3 held on December 3rd, 2017.

The elementary team of Peter Corrado, Stephen Somogyi, Brandon Taylor, Christian Walker, Jacob Hart, and Jeremiah White won the first place team trophy in the K-12 unrated division! Brandon Taylor and Christian Walker went undefeated and won 3 and 1/2 games out of four to win individual  trophies.  Stephen Somogyi and Jeremiah White won three out of four games to win medallions.

The primary k-3rd grade team won first place team trophy in the K-3rd grade unrated section! Jack Thrush, and Christian Yepiz went undefeated and won all four rounds of chess to receive individual trophies.  Noah Hart also went undefeated winning three and 1/2 games to receive an individual trophy. Vincent Nguyen won three out of four games to earn a medallion.