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Congratulations to Aimee Katz!

Congratulations to Aimee Katz and her second grade students at DeGrazia Elementary, who received a Real World Scholars EdCorp grant to develop a student-run business where all creative products are made in the classroom from used corks!

Learning entrepreneurship skills through real-world learning, students developed their business from the ground up. After creating their business name,Corky Kidz, and tagline, "Fun, Funky, and creative cork designs made by Kidz," students spent months seeking cork donations from local businesses, family and friends; researching and developing product prototypes; and learning various aspects of business.

"I wanted to start an EdCorp to provide my students with the opportunity to do some real-world learning but also do something that they will remember," states Ms. Katz. "I want students to be able to understand that what they are learning is and will be used in their life. While students are having fun, they are learning. They are learning real-life skills and if there is something they don’t know how to do, we research it."

Not only are students learning valuable business skills, their amazing products are being purchased and bringing smiles to so many!

Just in time for the holidays, these creative items made from reused cork include pumpkins, snowmen, trees, and coasters. These “Fun, Funky, and Creative cork designs made by Kidz”, can be purchased at

All profits from Corky Kidz go to classroom business supplies and charities of the students’ choice.