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Superior Performance by DeGrazia Chess Teams leads to Big Wins!

Congratulations to DeGrazia Elementary School’s highly achieving chess team members for their superior performance in the Southern Arizona Chess Association League Match #3 Tournament, held on December 10th at Basis Oro Valley School.

The “primary” team of Noah Hart, Jack Thrush, Vincent Nguyen, Kai Olsen, Jeremiah White, and Caleb Larcom, won the first place team trophy in the primary division.

The “elementary” team of Elizabeth Iiams, Aimee Lopez, Charla Olsen, Christian Walker, Peter Corrado, Jacob Hart, Stephen Somogyi, and Brandon Taylor, competed in the kindergarten through twelfth grade division and won the first place team trophy.

Peter Corrado won all four rounds of chess to receive an individual trophy. Vincent Nguyen won three and a half games out of four to also earn an individual trophy. Noah Hart, Jack Thrush, Kai Olsen, Caleb Larcom, Amee Lopez, Christian Walker, Steven Somogyi, won three out of four rounds of chess, to receive medallions.