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DeGrazia students pilot a plane!

DeGrazia student boards plane to begin flight On Saturday May, 12th 2018 the following courageous students, Hugh Berguist, Aidan Davis, Jaden Harris, Mario Gonzales, Nathan Poulton, Christopher Romero, Andres Samaniego, Jazlyn Thiessen, Brandon Taylor, Christian Walker and Kami Ward, arrived at the Marana Regional Airport to fully take control of and pilot a real plane through the Wright Flight Program, a non-profit 501©3 dedicated to “helping kids reach new heights” in both their classrooms and their lives.

These DeGrazia 6th grade GEM students spent a year studying the complete, “History of Aviation”. This included 8 sections, 8 videos, 8 chapter quizzes, a midterm test, and a final exam to qualify to fly a real plane as their reward for successfully completing the program.

They each had a tremendously exciting once in a lifetime experience by personally piloting a small aircraft.