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MUSD Administrator of the Year: Colleen Frederick, Estes Elementary, Principal

IMAGE:  IMAGE: Colleen Frederick, MUSD Administrator of the Year with Award, Cake and Balloons during presentation. Colleen Frederick is a strong, caring, and highly effective leader who advocates for everyone and values each member of her school community. Having served 18 years in the District, she is recognized as an outstanding leader who understands the impact and power that comes from building strong relationships and works hard with her staff, students, and families to build a strong school culture that promotes a safe, supportive, and caring community environment.


Mrs. Frederick is extremely personal and a strong communicator who guides her school community through intentional, consistent communication and community building events such as the boo-hoo breakfast, muffins with moms, donuts with dads, take-out-Tuesdays, various assemblies, and after-school events. She knows everyone, including students and families, by name and knows something personal about them. She is well known for her beautiful greetings and smile where everyone knows she truly cares about them. Daily communication and consistent interactions are important for Mrs. Frederick because she wants to be someone's positive interaction for the day. Her weekly newsletters are filled with practical insight, relevant information, and current educational trends. Mrs. Frederick’s communication style ensures equity in information and clearly communicates expectations and upcoming events. Her office is always open to families and staff who seek her assistance in problem-solving, and she is committed to improving lives.


Not only is Mrs. Frederick known for her caring personality and strong relationships, she is also a strong advocate for academic and personal needs of students, families, staff, and for ensuring building needs are addressed. Beautification of the school campus is a priority and she is known for arranging weekend volunteer activities to improve all areas of the campus including the library, the cafeteria, bus lane and parking lot improvements as well as working to ensure the health and well-being of students are addressed. Mrs. Frederick has also taken the lead in organizing collection drives of both money and resources for students, staff, and families in need.


Mrs. Frederick is a transformative leader at Estes and throughout the Marana district. She is an active member of the District's grading committee, works closely with the Title I director, attended the ASCD Equity Conference, and coordinates resources with the P.A.L. program. Additionally, she continually offers relevant professional learning opportunities for the staff including trauma-informed teaching.


Colleen Frederick is an outstanding asset to her school community and District and is passionate about students and their families, staff, and community successes. Congratulations!

IMAGE:  IMAGE: Colleen Frederick with Superintendent Dr. Wilson.  IMAGE: Colleen Frederick, MUSD Administrator of the Year