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Estes Elementary Teacher Honored on Legendary Teacher Day!

Dr. Dan Streeter recognizes Mrs. Lori Layton as Legendary Teacher Congratulations to 2nd grade Estes Elementary School teacher, Mrs. Lori Layton, selected as a 2020 Legendary Teacher! Mrs. Layton was recognized and received an honorarium on September 30 during an in-person presentation at Estes Elementary School from Superintendent Dr. Dan Streeter, Assistant Superintendents Dr. Carolyn Dumler and Kristin Reidy. The Legendary Teacher Day Recognition Award Program is sponsored by Emily Meschter and Northern Arizona University and recognizes teachers for their efforts which result in a student or students achieving great results. 

The Lespron family submitted the nomination. 

“Laila had a very rough start. Her kindergarten year was so bad she absolutely did not want to go to school.  She cried for us not to leave her. Then 1st grade we were excited for a new beginning but the same thing. In 2nd grade Lori Layton came into our lives and all of a sudden Laila exclaimed “come on mom we can't be late Mrs. Layton is waiting for me.” Lori Layton brought our daughters joy for learning and joy for school back with her love and genuine way of teaching. Laila is now in 5th grade and is on track. When you ask Laila who's your absolute best teacher her answer is Mrs.Layton. I'm not sure what our life at school would have been like if we didn't end up with Mrs.Layton. But we are/were so blessed to have her in our path.” 

Mrs. Layton will be honored during a virtual 2020 Legendary Teacher Day recognition with Pima County Superintendent Dustin Williams on October 1, 2020.