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GFE Receives "A" Letter Grade from State Board!

GFE Receives "A" Letter Grade from State Board!

Gladden Farms Elementary received an A letter grade - excellent level of performance – from the Arizona State Board of Education! The A-F Accountability System assesses Quantitative Data - how well students in grade levels 3-12 performed on the AzMERIT and/or AIMS assessment in April 2018, annual growth in key areas, absenteeism, as well as student readiness and language proficiency assessment scores.

Gladden Farms’ educators and staff are extremely proud of this grade and the recognition of the academics and hard efforts occurring every day.

Between a combination of professional development opportunities and additional resources for academic support, Gladden Farms successfully provides teachers the tools and resources they need to address student achievement needs and emphasize successful instructional practices. 

Educators are increasingly integrating content areas to provide students with real world applications of their learning.  Along with critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and the skill to work collaboratively during learning, educators are developing the growth mindset of their students; the grit to challenge themselves in new areas and to never give up.

Parents are considered a very important part of the educational process as Gladden Farms continues to focus on student achievement and preparing all students to be college and career ready.