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Fall 2022 GEM News: Gladden Farms Elementary

GEM students with Kidstruction trophysWe had a very busy and exciting first quarter! Our 6th grade students had the amazing opportunity to participate in The Annual KIDstruction Competition. Schools around Arizona entered and we received 2nd place in one of the categories. Way to go 6th graders!

Our 5th grade students are very excited to participate in Wright Flight this year. We are learning the amazing history of aviation and are looking forward to our fly day in December.

4th grade students learned about beach erosion through our Defined Learning, our project based learning program. Students created models, posters and presentations with solutions to help slow down beach erosion.

Our 3rd graders became experts of their animal/animals of choice using Defined Learning as well. They will present their information as experts would in a nature center.

1st and 2nd grade students worked in our PETS curriculum with a focus on Visual and Spatial Thinking.

We are looking forward to more project based learning next quarter!