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Marana Water Festival: Exploring Water in the Desert

Students at Project Wet

Students learning about water conservation at Project WetStudents learning about water conservation at Project Wet*** VIEW EVENT PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK ***

Hundreds of fourth grade students from Marana Schools converged at the Silverbell District Park in late September to explore, experience, and understand the critical importance of water in the Earth system and Arizona’s water resources at the 7th annual Marana Water Festival.

Formed from a partnership between MUSD, Tucson Water, Arizona Project WET (University of Arizona), and the Town of Marana, the water festival educates students about the availability of water in our region while emphasizing its impact on their daily lives. In addition to the festival, the program provides teacher professional development, pre-festival curriculum in ten lesson plans, and connections to community volunteers who engage students in activities on groundwater, watersheds, the water cycle and water conservation technology.

“It’s fun to witness kids understand the importance of water, where it comes from and realize that it doesn’t come from a magic lake,” said Mrs. Michele Thelen, coordinator of gifted and talented education. “It’s also important for kids to continue exploring science through hands-on learning, like the water conservation activities, experiments and demonstrations they participated in at the park.”

Holly Thomas-Hilburn, Director of Arizona Project WET, said this outreach helps bridge the gap between water professionals and K-12 educators to teach students about water.

“We’re all talking about water right now and shortages on the Colorado River and what that means for our CAP allotment. Building this sort of basic foundational water literacy for fourth graders is a really important first step toward making good water decision makers who understand the system that we rely on to get water to our community.”

Thank you to our community partners, Tucson Water, Arizona Project WET (University of Arizona), and the Town of Marana, along with the countless event volunteers, for sharing and teaching our students about key water concepts!

Students learning about water conservation at Project Wet