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4th Grader Runner Up in National Scholastic Invention Contest

IMAGE: Self-absorbing Band Aid. Congratulations to Quail Run 4th Grader, Elizabeth M., who earned the title of runner-up in Scholastic's 2018 Invention Contest! Elizabeth submitted her invention idea, Self-Absorbing Band-Aids, to the contest in November.  Her idea was one of 10 runners-up from thousands of entries! Scholastic will be sending Elizabeth a Maker Kit to encourage her creativeness! Elizabeth's invention description that follows shows the creative and thoughtful approach to making Self-Absorbing Band-Aids. Great job, Elizabeth!

My invention is called the self-absorbing bandaid. When you put the band aid on after a few days in will absorb into your skin. This will make it so when you put it on you won't have to rip it off When you rip it off it usually hurts. This will prevent the hurting. It will also prevent pollution. It will prevent pollution because usually band aids will fall off in the sea. Animals usually eat the band aids and get sick and die. The band aid usually just keeps dirt out of the cut but this band aid will keep dirt out from the cut and help your skin. It will help your skin because it will have tons of vitamins. Some off the vitamins are vitamin A because it prevents you from getting lung cancer. Another vitamin is vitamin C because it keeps your skin firm. Also vitamin E will be the band aid because it protects skin from radical damage. Vitamin D will be in the band aid as well because it helps fight infections. Vitamin K will be in the band aid because it helps healing bruises. The vitamin 83 will be in the band aid because it makes you skin healthier. Vitamin 85 will be in the band aid because vitamin BS prevents skin water loss. This project will help animals and people.