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2017 Teacher of the Year from Quail Run!


Beth DeWeerdt is in her tenth year teaching in MUSD and is regarded as an outstanding educator and a leader by her peers. Her exemplary teaching at Quail Run Elementary is evident in her work with students, in her support of colleagues and in her positive outlook on life. Mrs. DeWeerdt is always searching for the best ways to motivate, inspire and engage students, and she is viewed as an early adopter who is willing to take risks when they may benefit the experience of students.

Mrs. DeWeerdt is dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential as young leaders. This past summer she dedicated many hours to attend professional development to continue to improve her practice, to develop curriculum and resources to support her students, and to guide her work as a district leader. To develop students' leadership, Mrs. DeWeerdt is a Quail Run Student Council Advisor, where she works with students to help them develop service learning opportunities. An example of this, Student Council raised over $400 to support victims of natural disasters this year.

A parent of Mrs. DeWeerdt's student stated, "Mrs. DeWeerdt works tirelessly to encourage each student to be their best. She challenges them to "be authentic" when faced with adversity and take the path that is right even if no one follows. She makes an effort to build a relationship with all of her students and in turn they feel she is incredibly approachable and trustworthy. As a parent, I appreciate her efforts to push her students to their highest potential. Mrs. DeWeerdt genuinely cares for her students and their success and for that deserves much recognition."

Due to her willingness to take risks and her leadership abilities, Mrs. DeWeerdt was selected by her peers as a leader of the Quail Run Instructional Learning and Leadership Team. As an advocate for continuous improvement she serves on multiple district committees including the Professional Practice Advisory Committee, as well as a member of the grading committee. In addition, she is working to assist in the creation of the new sixth grade report card where she has spent countless hours. Mrs. DeWeerdt is also the co-chair of the district science committee.

Mrs. DeWeerdt is a dedicated professional who goes above and beyond the expectations of her job and is greatly valued by everyone. Congratulations!