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2016 Teacher of the Year from Quail Run!

Beth Gapp, Johnnie Edmond & Tamara Crawley Congratulations to Teacher Beth Gapp of Quail Run Elementary, Crossing Gaurd Johnny Edmond of Thornydale Elementary and Tamara Crawley, Director of Public Relations, recognized as 2016-17 Employees of the Year!  Learn more about their contributions to MUSD below:


Beth Gapp has dedicated her twenty-four year MUSD career to serving preschool through sixth grade students, staff and family members. She is an invaluable member of the Quail Run community and an educational leader. In all of her roles, Mrs. Gapp advocates for students and how to best support each individual in making continued academic and social progress. In 2016, Mrs. Gapp was recognized by ArSHA as their Speech and Language Pathologist of the year due to her ongoing commitment to educational excellence.

Parents have continued to praise Mrs. Gapp including testimonials where their child had gone from feeling he was going to fail to feeling confident in school using the strategies provided by her. She is known to provide extra learning opportunities to enhance speed production and taken time to create flash cards with initial sounds and iconic image to practice with at home. The strategies she teaches, including incorporating reading, humor, and creativity into weekly Speech lessons, and the confidences she gives them is life changing for them.

In addition to serving students, Mrs. Gapp mentors new pathologists to the district, provides support to University of Arizona students, is an active member of the Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Quail Run’s Child Success Team and Building Leadership Team. She is the head of the district Speech and Language Department and provides support for all Speech and Language Pathologists through individual support and her planning and facilitation of district meetings professional development. She assists SLP’s in answering legal and ethical concerns as well as providing suggestions for best practices for therapy and supporting newly qualified students. Mrs. Gapp also supervises the district clinical fellowship year SLP’s and over the course of the past sixteen years, Mrs. Gapp has partnered with the University of Arizona to provide clinical training for graduate students.

Mrs. Gapp is an inspiration to all because of her willingness to go above and beyond. Mrs. Gapp is passionate about the work she does and about her desire to develop the talents of future educators.


A crossing guards daily responsibilities include making sure students arrive and leave school safely but what happens when the stop sign is put away, where do our crossing guards go? The Thornydale community is incredibly fortunate to have, not just a crossing guard but an exceptional member of the community. Johnnie Edmond goes above and beyond each day to make connections, help students, and brighten everyone’s day.

Each morning “Mr. Johnnie” can be found in the staff lounge happily greeting teachers, support staff, and guests as they arrive to work. At the crosswalk he fills his expected responsibilities crossing students, greeting members of the community that pass by, while making sure everyone is safe. After the stop sign is put away, Mr. Johnnie enthusiastically heads to the classrooms where he can be found leading reader’s theater, tutoring a child, helping a child make up work, encouraging students to read, and offering support. After school, he stays late to make sure that the after school club students cross safety and knows each child and who they go home with.

Mr. Johnnie celebrates students at the awards assemblies and congratulates them when they do not have families present. Children can be disappointed when they do not have a family member at these events but as soon as they see Mr. Johnnie, their faces light up! In the evenings, Mr. Johnnie also volunteers and visits after school fund raisers and academic nights, as well as helps teach Title 1 TA summer school and classes through the 21st century grant program.

Mr. Johnnie is always looking out for others and puts everyone first. He is a true role model for students and a true gentleman. A first grader was heard saying, “I opened and held the door for my friends to walk through, just like Mr. Johnnie!” He embodies what the Thornydale community is all about!


Tamara Crawley has a remarkable ability to inspire others, engage the entire community, and ensure that the Marana District always shines at its brightest through her significant dedication, exemplary work ethic and continuous commitment to the staff, students, and families of the district.

Ms. Crawley provides a level of dedication that knows few limits. As the Director of Public Relations, she is always a prompt, prepared and informative representative for MUSD; she fields all inquiries and differences with dignity and grace, representing the District with pride and professionalism while extending understanding and empathy to any given situation. For the last 13 years, she has exceeded the usual expectations of her role, by providing 24/7 accessibility for members of the press, school staff and administrators; and responded to all inquiries and matters of crisis regardless of the hour, day of the week, and even during times of illness or vacation. Additionally, she has been involved with multiple tragedies affecting students and staff, where she has pulled from her background and degree in social work to assist during times of crisis.

As a silent champion to numerous organizations, she has given back to the field of education, as well as the community. She held two board positions for close to ten years each, and has volunteered her time and talents to multiple endeavors in the district and community. Due to budget constraints, when the District went without a Safety Director, she was instrumental in overseeing and responding to every emergency or incident. When Emergency Response guidelines changed, Ms. Crawley readily took on the responsibility of writing an Emergency Response Manual, dedicating hundreds of hours to research and writing during her “own” evenings and weekends.

In her role within the community, as well as her relationships with coworkers, Ms. Crawley is clearly a respected, trusted, and knowledgeable source of information and assistance. Her eagerness to assist inspires others to exceed their perceived limitations, exercise creative options, and provide a kind educational environment for our students.