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SpeakUp Safety Tip Line: Text or Call (520) 518-4181

 Girl with cellphone looking out windowMUSD’s SpeakUp safety tip line provides a simple way for students, parents, and community members to report concerns of bullying, threats of violence, weapons brought to school, planned fights, students in crisis, and other urgent situations. This tool has been successful in alerting the District and school leadership of potential threats and concerns in former school years. We encourage parents to talk to their students about this resource, and to consider adding this phone number to your student’s list of mobile contacts for quick access.

  • Call or Text the SpeakUp safety tip line at (520) 518-4181 
  • Email SpeakUp safety tip line 
  • Individuals are encouraged to dial 9-1-1 immediately in an emergency and/or where physical harm is imminent. 

Visit the Gaggle Website for additional information and a video regarding the SpeakUp safety tip line.