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Fall 2022 GEM News: Quail Run Elementary

""All students worked on Breakout EDUs, STEM Challenges, and had guided free write time. I’m super excited to announce that we finally reached our goal of making 1,000 origami cranes! Did you know that 1,000 cranes = 1 wish? Students practiced using persistence and are excited to vote on an organization to donate them to. It’s been so much fun working with small groups of students during Lit labs this year. I’m able to provide some deep discussion and extension activities for these students. This is a great way I get to support students and teachers here at Quail Run.

1st graders spent the first quarter learning about the four parts of creativity. These parts are elaboration, originality, details, and fluency. We read a story with each lesson and practiced using each part to help us think more creatively.

2nd graders are working on a PBL called ”Playground Architect.” Students get to learn about the role of an architect, research parks in Marana, and design a park of their own. They are also identifying producers, consumers, and decomposers at our school playground. One of my students said, “I’m really enjoying this assignment because I want to be an entomologist.”

3rd and 4th graders began their PBL called Erosion Management Specialist. We’ve studied the difference between erosion and weathering. Students will begin researching with a partner to learn how to prevent erosion and create an original plan using their research and creativity.

5th graders started the History Wright Flight program. So far we’ve learned about the first successful flight and the persistence that went into making that flight possible. When discussing Wright Flight, a 5th graders said, “It's really cool and it’s fun…I don’t think many people in 5th grade get to fly in airplanes!”

6th grade We studied space exploration and habitation as we prepared for the Kidstruction Competition. Students researched, collaborated, and planned to build a model of their idea using business cards, toothpicks, and glue. I’m so proud of all the creativity and hard work that these students put into their projects!