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Fall 2022 GEM News: Rattlesnake Ridge

1st GEM

The first grade GEM group has been busy each week developing writing skills and stamina in writing with writing prompts. They also love solving math challenges, and developing visual-spatial skills with puzzles and tangrams. Students will be creating their own tangram puzzle for their peers to solve!

2nd GEM

Our second grade group is always up for a new challenge. They begin each GEM day with a new writing prompt, to help build writing skills and stamina. They also love a math challenge and have been learning how to solve novel problems in a collaborative format that helps them learn how to work together and persevere through difficult problems.

They have taken on the role of Classroom Architects and have been learning how to think and design like architects. They are busy creating blueprints of their ideal classroom and will create 3-D models in the second quarter.

3rd GEM

Our third grade Rangers have been working hard this quarter, learning new vocabulary words with our weekly “Mystery Word”, they have to search and find the word based on synonyms, antonyms, and an example sentence, and then create their own sentences. Math challenges are a favorite with this crowd and they are also learning how to utilize their collaboration skills to solve challenging problems. Third grade has also taken on the role of Animal Experts and are busy learning about how animals have adaptations to help them survive. Students are researching an animal of their choosing and will also create a model that they can use to present to our younger grades. They also love to finish off the day playing “Daily SET”.

4th GEM

The fourth grade group loves a challenge! They are working on new vocabulary each week and are becoming better and creating sentences with their new words. Math challenges are a favorite and they have developed new strategies to problem solve and show their thinking when working in a collaborative group to solve a novel problem. We are using Pixar in a Box to learn about storytelling, character development, and technology in filmmaking in order to improve our narrative writing skills. I am looking forward to seeing their character and stories.

5th GEM

Fifth grade Rangers have had a busy quarter. We have started a NASA project, X-51, in which the students have created their own rocket design companies. They are busy budgeting, designing, and creating water bottle rockets that we will launch in the second quarter. They have been working on budgeting the cost of their supplies and refining their designs.

Math challenges are always a favorite and this group is also quick to embrace a new problem and they have creative ways of solving their problems.

6th GEM

Our sixth graders have spent the majority of the first quarter researching and building their Kidstruction projects. Given a theme of space exploration, cosmic living, astrobotany, terrestrial mining, or celestial tourism, they have researched and created interesting structures with only toothpicks, business cards and glue. They also love a math challenge or logic problem to solve and are quite adept at language puzzles.